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Veterinarian Staff

Staff at the Animal Hospital of Walnut

consists of individuals coming together to create a culture that cares for each other and for you and your pet. This contributes to our unique environment and is the key to our future.

Helping Pets since 1981

"We want to thank you and your Staff for your kindness and dedication to our family of dogs over the past 30 years. You have seen and helped us through the life and death of three of our pets and the well-being of our dogs Jack and Jill these past 12 years. Without you I am sure their lives and ours wouldn’t be so blessed."
—Karen and Richard B.

Sandy Muhar, Head Receptionist, Office Manager, and Hospital Safety Coordinator
Office Manager, Animal Hospital of Walnut I’m one of the receptionists, I get to see and greet our clients and their pets when they arrive at the clinic, and as the Office Manager I do the behind the scenes business duties in an attempt to have the clinic run efficiently. Having 20 years experience running a multi-million dollar Construction Painting Company with over 100 employees helps.Walnut Community Festival

I was a client when my husband and I first moved to Walnut 20 some years ago. Dr. Goldstein treated our dogs. In 2007 when we closed down our business I was looking for some part-time work to keep busy. I had gone in to the clinic to pick up food and mentioned it to Judi (the receptionist at the time). When an opening came up, she remembered me and put in a good word with the boss. I’ve been here for over 10 years now and loved every minute.

The Veterinary field always interested me but by the time I could have afforded the tuition, I was too old! I’m fascinated by the medicine. I’m drawn to the pets, always have been. I’m the one you'll find playing with the babies and the pets at parties. I’m drawn by the honesty and joy both express.

One of my fondest memories is the day a client brought in their pregnant Cairn Terrier (looks like Toto) who was having trouble with her labor. Dr. Goldstein had to perform a cesarean section and as he delivered the puppies, the nurses had to clean and stimulate them to breathe, but there were more puppies than nurses and they handed me one! I’m proud that they trusted me enough to allow me to help. ALL the puppies survived and thrived. I’ll never forget the feeling when that puppy took his first breath and started crying for his mom.

I like to help the clients. Even if it’s just to explain things in a manner they understand, to translate “doctor speak” into plain English. There are things I can help with that to me seem small, but the clients see as huge. I want to treat them as I would like to be treated in the “human” medicine settings. I also like to see the patients enjoy coming in as opposed to being frightened to be here.
Our Hospital Cat
My parents live nearby in Yorba Linda. I am the third of four daughters. My sisters are all my best friends. I grew up in Fontana, CA where we always had a dog (only one at a time and usually a Boston Terrier named Stubby). No cats, as my Mom is allergic. We were probably “Middle” Class, but always rich with love and music. My son, as well as my sisters’ children are all very talented, which we attribute to my Father, who was a musician. My Mother instilled a love of reading in us as she was a Librarian in the High School in Fontana for many years, before moving up to Cal Poly Pomona’s Library from which she retired. I’ve known my husband for over 40 years, as we were best friends in High School. We've celebrated more than 23 anniversaries. The light of our lives is our Grand Daughter, Hali. She is a beautiful, smart, funny, talented young lady. She is an Honor Roll Student, musician, involved in student government and many clubs. She will be a well rounded young woman. Sandy and Lorena

I currently have a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Bella. She has become my favorite dog (although I have loved them all). She is the sweetest, cutest, funniest girl. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t say out loud how much we love this dog. She has been my running partner for a few years now. Although we are both showing our age, she is over 10 years, we still hike up and run down the horse trails in the local parks…Schabarum, Bonelli and The Claremont Loop to name a few. My husband, George, had a white German Shepherd as a kid, and that was always his favorite dog, until Bella picked us. She offered him a golf ball as a puppy when we were at the rescue facility. Since he’s an avid golfer, it seemed “meant to be”.

I read an average of a book a week. I am "crafty", i.e. crochet or knit—mostly baby blankets for expecting friends and relatives. As mentioned, I run (well, jog). I never did until my co-worker and best friend, Lorena, and I decided to get in shape. We started walking after work and on weekends. Then she brought up running. We actually trained for and ran the LA Marathon in 2010 (the year I turned 50). That was quite an achievement. Now I stick to dirt trails as my feet and knees protest when I run on pavement. Even on vacation I hike and seek out trails to run. Maui has a few nice ones and South Lake Tahoe has many to try.

We used to have a client bring his weenie dogs (dachshunds) in for toe nail trims. (He has since passed away.) Apparently he had health issues and was not suppose to drink coffee or eat junk food. So I was always amused when he would drink at least 2 cups of coffee and have 4-5 cookies while he waited for his dogs. One day he came in to buy dog food and while checking out, helped himself to the Hershey’s candy we always have in the bowl on the counter. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “Wait until I tell my wife I got a 'kiss' from a red head today!"
Happy Goraya, Front Office,

Client Relations, Relief Tech

Front OfficeAlways interested in medical field and landed a job in vet med at 18 and fell in love with the vet profession. I heard good things about Dr Goldstein and wanted to make the switch from over night emergency to day practice.
Veterinary Technician
What I most enjoy about my job is meeting adorable animals, building relationships with clients by efficiently and knowledgeably meeting their families and providing quality care for families in the way I would want my loved ones treated.

I have a one year old cat, Bones, full of spunk and she serves as the hospital cat, entertaining clients and staff. Her favorite pastimes climbing on the roof at home. I live with my wife who works as an Activities Director at a local high school.

In my off work hours I enjoy continuing my education, hiking and occasionally rescuing/rehabilitating wild birds, including hummingbirds, especially in the spring. I have rescued many kittens over the with years in the field, including Bones, who comes to work with me. I recently completed a 20 mile hike to the mountain summit of Bisho Peak, CA.
Kelley Walker,


Receptionist at Animal Hospital of WalnutI've been bringing my dogs to Animal Hospital of Walnut for years, so when the opportunity to work with the group came up, I jumped at the chance.
Our Receptionist
I love the people I work with, they are a warm and fuzzy bunch. Animal Hospital of Walnut is comprised of super compassionate people taking care of animals! Compassion and animals…a perfect match! Our clients really love their pets and pet people are good people.

I grew up within five miles of Animal Hospital of Walnut and went to college in Long Beach. I got married and lived in Orange County; then bought the house I grew up in when my parents retired.

My husband and I have no kids and three dogs. Petey aka: the Big Handsome is a Pit/Lab mix and is super chill. Dicky is a Beagle/Terrier mix who enjoys howling and chasing small animals. Wilbur aka: the Willy Goat is a strange little dog that my niece calls, "Spare Parts" because he looks like he's made up of pieces from four or five dogs.

I love gardening—flowers and vegetables. I paint and play guitar. I love making things out of objects; I paint rocks and pine cones, I make beads out of strips of magazine pages and use those to make bracelets.
Monica DeLong,

Registered Veterinary Technician

vet technician I am one of the Lead RVTs. I handle appointments, inventory, prep for surgeries, hospital care for patients, radiographer, phlebotomist, anesthesiologist and dental care, making sure our patients and clients are healthier and happy.

Four years ago I was doing school internship hours at Animal Hospital of Walnut and was offered a part-time job. I enjoy doing dental prophy’s because I like the instant satisfaction of seeing a beautiful clean mouth after a cleaning. I like cytology and investigating a whole world under a microscope.

I have always loved animals. I was hiking with friends and one of their dogs, Matty, about 15 miles from civilization. Her dog got a face full of porcupine quills and was pawing at her face making things worse. I pulled over 50 quills from her face with pliers, then got the dog to the nearest hospital. Matty was okay. I was able to help an animal when no one else was willing to and it felt amazing.Dog Care Technician

I grew up in Southern California with my parents and two older brothers. My father was always the person who made sure we had a pet dog. When he interacted with our pets or we lost a pet was the only time I really witnessed a real big emotion from him (love, happy, sad).
Now, I realize what a great influence or support a dog can give a person to deal with or show emotion. I later moved to Alaska for a few years and came back to So Cal to finish school. I started my career in animal health later in life.

I have an 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier mix named "Osyris". "Sy" for short. When he hangs out at work with me sometimes, he likes to try to share his toys with other doggies in the hospital that may be sick or recovering.

I enjoy hiking, drawing, reading and fostering cats/kittens. It’s a great feeling of achievement when we find a forever home for a cat/kitten that we have been fostering.
Maria Reyes,

Registered Veterinary Technician

Vet Technician As a kid I was obsessed with all animals. I was always taking in strays and hiding them in my room. I continued to do this as I grew older until I found out I could make surrounding myself with animals a career and not get into trouble hoarding animals.

I moved to Arizona to go to Pima Medical Institute so I could become an RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician). My first job was at an animal shelter out there. A year after I graduated I moved back home to California.

One animal that has inspired me is my cat, Tristan. He first came into the shelter I was working at as a feral at 6 weeks old with a deformity on one of his hind legs, making it difficult for him to walk. He had to be one of the most feral cats that I have even seen, especially for being so young. Thankfully, the shelter was no kill and decided to treat him. They amputated his leg and neutered him. However, because he had major surgery he had to be monitored overnight and no one would volunteer because he was so aggressive. I eventually gave in and took him home for the night. That night he terrorized my home. He bit my husband, got loose, tore open a staple and got blood all over my wedding dress. I took him back the next day, vowing he could not return to my home. But spending every day with him at work helping him recover and working to socialize him, I fell in love. He had grown into such a sweet cat I knew I could never let him go. Now, almost 4 years later you would never even notice he was once feral. He is the most loving cat I've ever had!

What I enjoy most about my job is performing treatments on patients, such as: wound care and radiographs. I loving being able to help nurse patients back to health. I grew up in Hacienda Heights with my mom and three siblings. Now, I have a growing family of my own. My small family consists of myself, my husband, my son, my dog Zoey and my cat Tristan. I have had both my fur babies since they were 6 weeks old. My dog Zoey is a 3 year old Malinois and she loves nothing more than to eat and sleep in the A/C. My cat, Tristan, is also 3 years old and is the fastest most lovable 3 legged cat I know.

My hidden interest is sewing. My grandmother gave me her old sewing machine and a few hours of YouTube I taught myself to to sew. My greatest achievement from sewing is my niece's Cinderella costume. Of course, when I don't have any sewing projects, I'm playing with, or reading to my son.
Karina Dominguez, Veterinary Technician
Vet Technician For as long as I can remember I have always loved animal of all shapes and sizes. My parents have told me stories about when I was younger they could tell right away I was going to be an animal lover. Anytime we would go to the store I would always find a bunch of toys I wanted to take home that ranged from any stuffed animal to little toy cats and dogs. Even at family parties or gatherings they always knew they could find me playing with the family dogs rather than my cousins. As I got older I pretty much knew my career was going to be in the animal field.Tracy, Vet Tech

I started working at a small animal hospital in Whittier. This hospital was actually my first job. The doctor hired me as a kennel assistant and eventually trained me to become a veterinary assistant. I went to school and learned more and more everyday which helped me thrive and progress even more at work.

I began working at Animal Hospital of Walnut in 2015 while I was attending Carrington College in Pomona. I wanted to work closer to school, so one day I drove around to all the nearby hospitals to drop off my resume. A few weeks later I received a call to meet the staff and you the hospital. I immediately fell in love with the establishment and before I knew it I was hired and part of the team.

I really enjoy monitoring and assisting during surgeries. Whether it is a quick cat neuter or an extensive orthopedic surgery being able to observe and participate in them is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy dental cleanings. It feels great to be able to help our patients leave with nice polished teeth and minty fresh breath!

I was born in East Los Angeles and lived there with my parents until I was about 4 years old, then we moved to Whittier before I started going to school. I have remained in Whittier since then with my family and currently live with my parents, younger brother, our fish named, Blue and our 4 fur babies: 3 dogs and 1 cat. Our oldest dog, Tiny is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix and is 8 years old. Tiny is probably one of the smartest dogs we have ever had-he seems to understand anything we tell him! Baby is our 7 year old Pitbull/Rottweiler mix that is a gentle giant that loves belly rubs. Twinkie is our 6 year old Maltipoo that wants nothing but love and long cuddle sessions. Last, but definitely not least, is Kahlua our 3 year old cat that is the princess of the castle, although she can be quite a diva at times. She will go on and one with kisses on your face until you can't stand her sand paper tongue.

I enjoy hiking and going to the beach. My guilty pleasure is to do nothing but watch TV all day. I also really enjoy taking my dogs out to the park and letting them explore with me.
Alejandra Maldenado, Veterinary Assistant
Vet TechnicianI love animals, but I've always wanted to be able to help them feel better in some way. My own cat, that I had since I was three, really pushed me into looking at animal health. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma when she was 17 years old. I wanted to know why, how and when she got it. I had so many questions.

My first job working with animals was as a vet assistant in Montclair. I did my internship there and they hired me from the start. Then I decided to apply at a shelter to see the shelters side of dealing with animals.

The subject I've always liked was parasitology. I know for the patient it's not always fun to have something crawling and living inside you, but getting to see how far the parasite has come and grown is fascinating to me. Running tests to find out what type of parasite is also a lot of fun.

I grew up in La Puente and moved to Chino when I was thirteen. I've always enjoyed drawing, sewing and photography. Every time I accomplish something I get excited even if it's from drawing some little design to finishing sewing an outfit, they are equal to me.

At the moment I only have 3 pets. A yellow canary named El Canario, he's always singing so beautiful when it's time to get up and enjoys eating his kale. I also have an 8 year old German Shepherd who we adopted from a man who couldn't afford to take care of her. She is the most loving dog ever. Sue you might think she looks aggressive but the only thing she likes to injure are bees. I recently inherited a grey DMH cat named Sombra-she's a total brat, but I love her.

We serve the cities of Diamond Bar, Chino, Chino Hills, Covina, Claremont, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, La Verne, and beyond.

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